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厨房旋转水龙头 Kitchen Swivel Tap
Price RM4.00
Points Needed 100
Availability 2

- 带节水应用的旋转厨房水槽和淋浴。
- 要清洁,只需取下过滤器并在水下冲洗干净。
- 节能:节水30%~70%(与标准起泡器相比)。
- 增加水压:防止水流,空气与水混合好,水感柔软,增强水动力,清洗更方便。
- 360° 旋转:水可以轻松覆盖整个水槽,在寒冷的冬天不用担心清洁水槽。
- 人性化设计,安装方便。
- 卫生、易清洁:可以放心使用。


Product Description
- Swivel kitchen sink and shower with water-saving applications.
- To clean, simply remove the strainer and rinse it off under the water.
- Save energy: Water saving 30%~70% (compared with standard bubbler).
- Increase the water pressure: Prevent water flowed, and the air is mixed with water is good,the water feels soft,enhanced water momentum,cleaning more convenient.
- 360°rotation: Water can easily covers the whole sink,never worry about clean the sink in cold winter.
- Humanized design, easy to install.
- Health, easy to clean: can be at ease use.

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