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咖喱叻沙即煮酱料 Curry Laksa
RM5.00 RM6.30
咖喱叻沙即煮酱料 Curry Laksa
Price RM5.00 RM6.30
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Weight: 200g


1) 将一包咖喱叻沙即煮酱料放入1600毫升沸水,并以小火慢煮8-10分钟。

2) 加入150毫升浓椰浆及100克炸豆卜。煮滚

3) 将煮熟的黄面及豆芽放入碗中,再加上适量的熟肉片鱼饼,熟鸡蛋及薄荷叶

4) 加入煮滚的咖喱叻沙汤,趁食用。


Cooking Instructions:

1) Mix 1 packet of paste for Curry Laksa with 1600ml of boiling water, simmer it over low fire for 8-10 minutes.

2) Add in 150ml thick coconut milk and 100g fried bean curdsBring to boil. 

3) Prepared  cooked yellow noodles and bean sprouts in bowl, and add in slices of meat, fish cakesm hard-boiled egg and mint leaves.

4) Pour the hot Curry Laksa soup into the bowl. Serve hot.

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