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咸蛋酱 Salted Egg Paste
RM7.10 RM8.90
咸蛋酱 Salted Egg Paste
Price RM7.10 RM8.90
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Weight: 100g


1) 油炸肉类,海鲜或蔬菜。

2) 预热牛油,辣椒,咖喱叶,炒至香,加入阿福咸蛋酱,炒约1-2分钟。

3) 加入肉类,海鲜或蔬菜,搅均后即可享用。

Cooking Instructions:

1) Deep fried meats, seafoods or vegetables.

2) Heat up butter, chilis padi and curry leaves, then fry until aromatic, add in Salted egg Paste, stir-fry for 1-2 minit.

3) Add in fried meats, seafoods or vegetables, mix well and serve.

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